Our goal,

Our mission

We want to put in a new context these young people, with new tools, to give them the opportunity they have never had to be successful: a home that respects their times, which are the times of nature, a place to live, work and gain autonomy and self-sufficiency.

The Independent Brigade association, together with you and all the people who feel close to our spirit, wants to start "the Independence Hostel". A place where boys and girls will be able to put their talents and skills to good use, where they will be custodians, animators, administrators, themselves, whoever they are.

A house capable of offering living and working spaces, as well as the possibility of hosting other people with autism spectrum disorders and their families, to help them build their own path of autonomy and take advantage of the experience of our young talents. The Independence Hostel will be the place where boys and girls with frailties can blossom, attend training courses: cooking, tourist reception, room staff, IT, foreign languages and many, many other opportunities. Or simply take a nice holiday in Perugia, in Umbria, a green and welcoming land capable of bringing people back to vibrate to the calm rhythm of nature.

This is why we are working to build this place capable of respecting everyone's way of being, our hostel will allow us to show anyone what we are, surprising you!

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The Independent Brigade is a non profit association for social utility, that was
born in September 2021, aiming at the empowerment and indipendent life,
for boys and girls with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and other frailties.

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