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Avanti Tutta Days

With great emotion and hope, we from “La Brigata indipendente” participated in the “Avanti tutta Days 2022”.

On the first day, we were obviously intimidated, it being our first big event to make our project and our kids, who are the driving force behind all the Brigata activities, known to many people, despite the inclement weather.

We started the activities on Friday, the kids tried out different sports and had a lot of fun with each other and with other people. We made ourselves known to the present audience, who surely noticed our orange shirts – they made an impression!

In the afternoon, the boys made themselves available for park cleaning, working alongside the cleaning staff, emptying the bins and containers present.

In the morning of Saturday, our Federica showed her skill in the sport she loves, agility dog, which made her the world champion of paragility 2022.

On Friday, we also had the pleasure of the company of Federico Cenci, who wanted to join us in this beautiful event, both as an association and as longtime friends. Needless to say, the energy and positivity that he brought with his words and seemingly infinite energy filled us with hope and the will to achieve our goal.

During the afternoon, while the boys continued to help with the usual activities of the event, our chef Filippo took part in the cooking show organized by the Cnos FAP school of Perugia, demonstrating his culinary skills in front of a large and enthusiastic audience that, despite the pouring rain, watched, supported, and then tasted the delicious dishes cooked by Filippo and the students of the school, under the attentive and professional guidance of Chef Elena Arcangeli Conti, to whom we extend our special thanks for her kindness and always helpful support.

In collaboration with the Cnos FAP school, we are currently carrying out the project “Aggiungi un posto a tavola cucino IO” (“Add a place at the table, I cook”), an 80-hour basic cooking course for our young people with the aim of making them as independent as possible when our hostel is ready.

Finally, despite the bad weather, we were present on Sunday and met people who wanted to learn more about our projects. We were also interviewed by a video crew and we illustrated our main project, which we will announce publicly in the near future.

These three days have been truly special for us, with the wonderful support of the Avanti Tutta Foundation and the friendship that binds us to Federico Cenci and Serena Arteritano, whom we can never thank enough. Many people have seen us and gotten to know us, and this gives us the strength and desire to do even more!

La Brigata Indipendente

Union makes the difference

La Brigata Indipendente associazione promozione sociale-aps si costituisce a Settembre 2021, con lo scopo di favorire l’emancipazione dei ragazzi e ragazze con disturbi dello spettro autistico o ASD e in altre condizioni di fragilità.

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