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Inclusive New Year's Eve

On December 31st, 2022, at 6 PM, the preparations for our Inclusive New Year’s Eve begin in the reserved room at La City restaurant. Hard work and joy accompany us in decorating the venue to welcome our reserved guests.

It was great to find the article on Corriere dell’Umbria that talks about our party. A very emotional text.

Finally everything is ready, just in time for the arrival of the first “fellow adventurers”. Families and young people arrived on time, showing their willingness, pleasure, and also a bit of healthy curiosity about this first edition of the event. Inclusion is a way of thinking and living that is not typical of society, but it is true that many people want to try to understand by putting themselves to the test, and the Brigata, with its events, builds opportunities in which to do so.

At 8:30 pm, we are all present and we begin the small presentation of the association and the evening. At the end, on the screen, the Mayor of Perugia Andrea Romizi and the Councilor Edi Cicchi’s video greetings are shown, in which they reaffirm their esteem and support for the Brigata Indipendente.

Among the guests, the ANGSA association enriched the company with the presence of two families, including President Paola Carnevali… What a pleasure to have you with us! The Brigata’s motto says “Unity makes a difference”, and with ANGSA, we will have many opportunities for unity and collaboration. Finally, we meet in person, what a pleasure.

The party begins, we eat, drink, and enjoy some music, and everything flows in joy. Then, the president, with her usual energy, animates the party with group games where different normalities come together, sharing fun and joy. This is where inclusion comes to life… and we are happy.

Amidst songs and dances, not sparing any energy, everything goes on until the fateful moment, midnight, when we take the champagne and go out to enjoy the fireworks show of Perugia that shines splendidly in front of us… 3-2-1… happy new yearrrr wishes… may the future see everyone’s hopes come true.

Last songs and dances and then we say goodbye with a richer heart. See you at the next event “INCLUSIVE CARNIVAL”… stay tuned. 🧡

La Brigata Indipendente

Union makes the difference

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