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Van Gogh, a genius who resembles us

A new journey of our Brigata, once again we wake up early… meeting at 6:20 at Perugia station. On the platform, still groggy vehicles awaiting departure… slowly, we wake up amidst greetings and jokes.

The train departs, and at Foligno, we make a change to join our friends from the Atelier “Crescere con Arte” in Gubbio. We already know some of them, including Cristiana, who is part of the Brigata. After exchanging greetings and a few words, we become one group of twenty-four people (not even counting, 12+12). We rely on the experienced guidance of Claudia to lead us to the museum, with Mauro (our volunteer) ensuring everyone’s safety at the back of the line.

After completing the necessary formalities at the ticket counter, we enter the museum, and the visit begins. After a long wait, we are very curious, as everything is so engaging and interesting. The guys attentively follow the guide, who details the artworks with great passion.

After finishing the tour, we head to have lunch. We enjoy our sandwiches in front of the Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland), a beautiful and emotional experience.

Then we head straight to the Colosseum, always majestic and beautiful. We enter the arena, fantasizing about the gladiators and wild beasts that once populated it. Then we climb up to the stands like ancient Romans… it’s truly thrilling.

Then we exit to go and see the Moses at San Pietro in Vincoli. We admire it in solitude, for the beauty of the masterpiece by the master Buonarroti, no explanations are needed.
Afterward, we walk to Santa Maria Maggiore, a unique and beautiful church with marvelous marbles and mosaics.
Fatigue sets in, and the long walk takes its toll. We bid farewell to our friends from Gubbio, who stay a bit longer, and we make our way back to the station on foot.

The train is there, silent, and we board and settle in. We set off on our journey back home. Chatter and games accompany us during the return trip. We are tired but happy. It’s always wonderful to be together because everything becomes enjoyable.
At the station, our families await us. We bid farewell… knowing we’ll see each other soon at headquarters.

Until our next adventure.

La Brigata Indipendente

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