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After 2 months of preparation filled with expectations, hopes, enthusiasm, fears, discouragement, and a lot of hard work, we finally reach the day before the event.

La Brigata Indipendente gathers in Colombella to set up the expo, with almost all the team members present to witness the commitment and determination to successfully carry out the choices made when we decided which events to organize. We start with the assembly and positioning of the booth stands, led by our organizer Mirko Tardioli, who, consulting the plan developed during the last month, has helped us finalize the detailed arrangement. Then, we hang posters to embellish and personalize the structure, while the FSM company, which has been supporting and accompanying us for a while now, takes care of the audio, video, and electrical aspects.

We seize the opportunity for some wild dancing together with the incredibly talented girls from K-POP INVASION, who are testing the stage and rehearsing on-site. What a show… exhausting and fun… like all dreams come true… tomorrow is finally the big day… we can hardly believe it. We, the so-called ‘fragile’ ones, bringing to life an event that has been missing from our wonderful region for too long… truly incredible. Sweaty, cheerful, and full of energy, we arrive at 7 PM, it’s time to enjoy a dinner among friends… so, off to the pizza place at GimKeBulo, and then to bed… will we sleep? Who knows.

Finally, the big day has arrived. Our organizer dispels the tension with an impromptu video… while driving towards Colombella to welcome the exhibitors arriving at 8.

To everyone’s surprise, the wonderful Alessio Tiburzi, from Bit, booth brought croissants for everyone… we’re starting off on the right foot. The final setups are completed, and we’re ready by 10 o’clock sharp, with the booths filled with merchandise. The first visitors arrive… initially not too many, but gradually increasing as the day goes on.

We have an exceptional ribbon-cutting ceremony with our great friend Leonardo Varasano, the Cultural Assessor of the Municipality of Perugia, who delivers beautiful words, showing us appreciation and support… Mayor Andrea Romizi calls us to inform us that, unfortunately, he won’t be able to attend but wishes us a fantastic success, of which he is absolutely convinced.

TGR Umbria also arrives to document the first hours of the event, contributing to increasing the afternoon attendance, with a beautiful segment that aired during the 2 PM edition.

A few hiccups, but everything gets sorted out… a solution for every problem… the arrival of the K-POP INVASION and STAR WARS CLUB PERUGIA crews heats up the atmosphere. Everything falls into the right perspective… almost magical… Cosplay is becoming a reality. The Cosplayer visitors arrive, making everything feel real; the GrifoSmash Community members also take their positions… a little technical issue with the online registration platform, ultimately resolved by the experienced Edoardo (the great boss), while consoles and monitors are being warmed up for the upcoming tournament.

It’s time for one of the flagship events of PG COMIX, the StarComics-Star Shop Distribuzione talk featuring Ilaria Brizi (Star Shop Distribuzione), Cristian Posocco (Starcomics), and the participation of the Assessor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Perugia, Edi Cicchi… at PG COMIX, only the best. 30 minutes of truly interesting discussion, exchanging opinions on the main topic of PG-COMIX… “INCLUSION”… and the usefulness of Manga comics in spreading culture extensively. For La Brigata Indipendente and its Mission, this is pure lifeblood; hope for a better future. It’s truly motivating to know that we have these two great companies and institutions by our side, all engaged in the development of a culture of inclusion for the most vulnerable individuals.

Just as the previous event ends, the STAR WARS CLUB PERUGIA takes the stage. The organizer calls upon the army for a SPACE rescue mission. “General… our troops are under attack, only you can save them from the clutches of the Empire.” Imagine the scene… the Jedi cross the expo hall, heading straight to rescue the group of La Brigata Indipendente members who have been captured. They engage in combat, slicing through the air with their magnificent lightsabers, ultimately freeing La Brigata Indipendente and escorting them to safety. “Thank you, Knights. The Empire has now organized and is attacking us. Only you can save us.” And so, the stage is invaded by Jedi and enemies, battling the eternal fight between good and evil… a perfect allegory for our Brigade, who fights and dedicates themselves every day for a possible future for the most vulnerable individuals. STAR WARS CLUB PERUGIA… YOU ARE AMAZING… you will always have a place at PG COMIX and in the heart of the Brigade.

Now it’s time for the eager girls… they can’t contain their excitement any longer. K-POP INVASION, a wonderful local phenomenon, showcases their talent by engaging in battle with other groups through the power of “Korean dance moves,” delivering live performances. They captivate us with their breathtaking random dances… and not just because they are beautiful, but also because of the physical preparation they require… we find ourselves breathless just watching them. K-POP INVASION… YOU ARE INCREDIBLE… you will always have a place at PG COMIX and in the heart of the Brigade.

Now comes the long-awaited moment for everyone… the contest finally takes shape. The jury panel is filled with the splendid Francesca, Jessica, and Erjola… the talented speaker Selena takes control of the stage.

All the registered cosplayers parade in the contest, with an audience of many other beautiful cosplayers who have participated as spectators… they are sure participants for the next edition. The challenge unfolds with no holds barred, with all the contestants giving their all in terms of effort and energy… in the end, the judges express their intricate evaluations based on various criteria… it’s not something for everyone, it requires a deep understanding of the cosplay world… our judges are absolutely perfect… always only the best at PG-COMIX… you will always have a place at PG COMIX and in the orange heart of La Brigata Indipendente.

Seven winners… all splendid… of the highest level… and all ready to accept the mission of promoting inclusion in their lives… ambassadors of “La Brigata Indipendente”. Here they are listed:

  • Sophie Hatter, Giulia Caravano, winner of the Best Female award
  • Chamber Dragonmaid, “CRIS,” winner of the Star Shop award for Best costume
  • Imimiko Toga , Luca Bracalente, recipient of the Sympathy Award (La Brigata Indipendente)
  • Kuja Marco Petrini, winner of the levelx55 award
  • Bink’s family, Francesco Frenguelli, Andrea Proietti, Benedetta Milani, Alessandro Acquadro, Ilenia Sambucini
  • Roberto Santarelli as Captain America
  • Cristiano Bruninise, winner of the Best Male Zelda award
  • Giuliana La Rosa, recipient of the Star Shop award for the interpretation of “Una festa meravigliosa” (A Wonderful Party).

In the end, the stage belongs to everyone, each with their own space.

After such a demanding effort, the evening concludes in Colombella and continues at LevelX 55 with the PG COMIX-themed dinner. A special mention goes to Francesco “CISCO” Lillacci, who made the Cosplay success possible with his contacts and suggestions… dear CISCO, you are now part of the Brigade. A heartfelt thanks to the incredible Proloco of Colombella… all of you are marvelous… you dedicated yourselves to us throughout the day, providing delicious food and drinks… we would like to mention all of you, but you are so many… you fill our hearts with joy… a big hug to all of you.


Remember, everyone… the spirit of PG COMIX, like all events of “La Brigata Indipendente,” is not just about business (which we obviously understand the importance of)… it’s about the social value it carries. The message that giving space and trust to everyone is beneficial for all. Inclusion is not something abstract… it doesn’t only concern others or simply politics and institutions… it concerns all of us… no one is excluded. Every day we are put to the test, and often we fall miserably. Just think about the person right in front of you when you’re in a hurry, with good reasons to rush… and that person is slow, taking their time, asking for confirmation of what they need to pay, counting coins slowly, and making you gradually lose your patience… well, you have to run, you have an undoubtedly important commitment… in that precise moment, you are falling miserably. Your hurry becomes impatience, palpable annoyance, sometimes even leading to words… not kind ones… certainly unpleasant for someone who, for some reason unknown to you, is slow, too slow… definitely slower than you. That’s precisely where… that day… every day of your life… you can choose whether to continue as you always have and fall miserably, mistreating someone in difficulty… or decide to give them time… simply have a little patience… maybe even protect them… from those behind you who are displaying the exact same impatience that you were feeling. I know it’s not easy… it’s easier to be bullies than to be strong… it’s the norm of society. Every day, you can decide who you are… every single day, you can decide whether it’s going to be “just another cursed day” or “one of those new and wonderful ones.” We invite you to call us… to contact us… to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at “La Brigata Indipendente”… and maybe go out for a pizza with us… Saturdays are easier, but whenever you want, give it a try anyway. We will always be happy to meet again or meet for the first time any of you… those of you who have had the patience and desire to be by our side… to read this blog until the end… and maybe be moved even just a little bit. The hugs from the Brigade are the best… they are therapeutic… everyone says so; they heal sorrows and melancholies… and believe us… nowadays, that’s exactly what we need. A sincere hug to all of you. Now, PG-COMIX takes a short break… goes to sleep… returns in a year or maybe even less.


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