Coro Cantori Umbri and La Brigata Indipendente in

Gospel Concert

After weeks of rehearsals, together with the magnificent Coro Cantori Umbri, with all the difficulties that for us in the Brigade this inevitably meant both physically and emotionally, we are finally there. It is Sunday afternoon, we gather at the Sala Notari in Perugia, what a wonderful location, who would have imagined it. We who sometimes experience difficulties even in just starting out, today we are performing in public, in the most prestigious and historic hall of our wonderful city.

With the collaboration of the councillor for culture Leonardo Varasano, who has always been close to our association and who made himself available for every single phase of the organisation, we were also able to realise this event, which was decidedly different from all the others.

Inevitable last-minute problems that with a little anxiety are nevertheless addressed and resolved … the Valentines always have a solution.
We begin the rehearsals … the emotion rises again … even if we understand very little the acoustics are definitely fantastic …. everything seems so much bigger than us.

Then Rita Gasparrini … a true commander (or dictator? 🙂 ) keeps us all on the ball … a true anchor to hold on to in this emotional storm, a ROCK … nothing intimidates her and makes us believe in ourselves, for her there is no doubt, we will be great … and in the end we will be.

It is finally 6 p.m. and Valentine speaks to the audience about our plans and hopes, then the Choir starts without us, they do 5 wonderful songs … how good they are, a real pleasure to listen to them … but how are we going to hold up this level.

IT’S TIME … Rita calls … it’s our turn … Oh God, our voices are shaking … as well as our legs … the hall is full, there is not a single free seat left … but how many people have come to hear us sing? They do not even know us and yet they are here … even some foreigners who have heard about this concert and then post on social networks in an unknown language … tagging us.

No come on, even RAI3 is here for us, who knows when they’ll show us on TV? While we sing we see the cameraman and the ever-present Giulia and Luca moving quickly … how funny … but at the end their photos are always fantastic …. they are always there for us … but why do these two love us so much?

We don’t know how but we get to the end of our performance … we don’t believe it … everything went very well … even the 2 couples of solos were very good … just like Rita had said … how much effort … how many emotions, it will take us a while to calm down, but it was worth it. All these people applauding, telling us bravo …. we feel good … how nice it is to feel like that.

We go out among the appluasi and finally we can relax and enjoy the last songs of the choir … yes because we sang 5 but the choir did 4 before and 5 after us.

In the end everything was perfect … we would like to thank everyone and we try … who knows if we succeeded? we are not very lucid at this moment but it’s normal … emotion does that.

At last we are joking, laughing and even teasing each other a little … “I did better … you got the beginning wrong” … but everything is beautiful when we are together.

THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS … we realise that we have so much affection around us and this warms our hearts and fills us with joy and hope.
THANK YOU CORO CANTORI UMBRI you are really unique 🧡🧡🧡

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