Second edition

Dance Aut Party

This is it, April 2 is approaching and with it also “World Autism Awareness Day.” Also this year we want to DANCE … in defiance of this condition that pervades and excludes many people from social life. We rebel against exclusion, against loneliness, we want the whole world to know and come and dance with us.

After all, jumping, ranting, singing out loud is something we are familiar with … we do it often, even without music :), it calms us, it drains us, it soothes us … so why not do it while dancing with the world. On the dance floor we may be a little strange, but on the dance floor there are always strange ones … and lots of them, too.

So we organize a few billboards around town, a few radio ads, a few press and TV articles , a sea of posts on our social media and we are pretty much ready. By now the preparation of the DanceAut party, in its second edition, has become easier, we are lucky to have friends who knowing us are happy to host us … also this year the Sonora Club of Minuti & Co. wants us; no problem for volume and lights by now we know it can be done and it works.

Everything is ready, we make ourselves nice and beautiful, shower, combed and perfume; we choose the outfit that rocks, as they say nowadays, and we go. The Valentines are waiting for us on the dance floor, with them the schedule is respected.
We all meet there and in the meantime other people arrive … how nice … we enjoy the presence of other guys who have come to dance with us. We get to know other people, in disco you just have fun together.

The music rocks, even 4 DJs are taking turns at the console and competing to see who can make us jump the loudest; Mirko, sometimes, run to remind them not to overdo the volume because sometimes it bothers us. At other times the same volume for some (even many) of us would be unbearable, while here among friends we all have a big smile and by some strange magic we put up with it a little more. Then there is the legendary Simone Mone … historical vocalist of the La Brigata Indipendente … he is really cool and witty, what a great guy.

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We pull night without stopping … fatigue begins to set in and slowly the dance floor empties.
People say goodbye and leave, tomorrow we work; we succeeded again this year; a first-class disco party.

“Unity makes the difference.”

La Brigata Indipendente

L'unione fa la differenza!

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