Meeting Minister for Disabilities

Alessandra Locatelli

It is amazing to think where the commitment that together with the boys and girls of La Brigata Indipendente we are carrying out is taking us. We received an invitation from the secretariat of Vice President of the Regional Legislative Assembly Paola Fioroni to participate in the meeting with Minister of Disability Alessandra Locatelli organized at Auditorium San Domenico in Foligno. Over the course of these years we have understood how much needs to be done both on the practical and normative level. This is the case with Law 68 and the criteria for maintaining economic supports, in particular disability pension and reversibility of parental pension. Unfortunately, the Italian regulatory system, although inspired by the protection of these people, does not take into account the different conditions and criticalities, putting all disabilities on the same level penalizing precisely the cognitive ones, especially if they are not critical/very severe but still 100% disabling.

We were able to bring this point of view of ours to the table for discussion with Minister Locatelli, who listened, took note and gave initial feedback, confirming that the government has on its agenda to reevaluate the regulatory framework particularly for the serious issue pertaining to survivorship. We found an environment open to dialogue and attentive to what was being reported. As a La Brigata Indipendente we will have the opportunity to return to the specifics of these all too important points that, as they are structured, are a hindrance to real improvement and development of the autonomies of these people. See you soon Minister Locatelli … honored to have met you in person.

La Brigata Indipendente associazione promozione sociale-aps si costituisce a Settembre 2021, con lo scopo di favorire l’emancipazione dei ragazzi e ragazze con disturbi dello spettro autistico o ASD e in altre condizioni di fragilità.

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